Hatchy Game Projects

Hatchy Game Projects coming soon

Party Moba — battle your friends in epic MOBA battles roguelike survival shooter — level your Hatchy to survive enemy hordes!

Accessible for everyone!

You can play without owning any hatchies, but having a hatchy will give you sweet bonuses. Regardless, be prepared to party up with your friends!

Summon Pets

Designate a hatchy to be your partner in battle, and explore the open world of Hatchy.

Unique Team synergies

Hundreds of team synergies based on your team build!

Find Cards

Find Common and ephemeral cards (introducing ephemeral cards, ingame non NFT)

Build your hero your way

Your hatchies and equipment dictate the players skills, stats and build.

Billions of unique build combinations with skill tree spread across the entire Hatchy collection!

Rebirth for unlimited cards and power!

You can level to 99 and then rebirth, you get a ephemeral card you get 5 extra stats and each stat is worth more

Level & Rebirth Hatchies

when you rebirth a monster, it gives ephemeral of itself! When you rebirth your player, you receive a random ephemeral card!

Burn cards

Sink duplicates of a monster to increase its gained exp in the game! Shiny + 1000% EXP - Common + 100% EXP - Ephemeral + 10% EXP stack cards and rebirth unlimited times.

Ephemeral cards are destroyed when burned - Hatchy cards are kept in game vault for future plans

Ecosystem proving!

Game adheres to hatchy licensing rules of 10% developer tax.

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