Hatchy Pocket
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Hatchy Pocket is a decentralized Intellectual Property (IP) owned and managed by Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).
A DAO is a decentralized group that can make governance decisions onchain using blockchain technology to verify that voting rules are strictly followed.
Anyone can join the Hatchy Pocket DAO by earning $HATCHY Tokens.
The owners of the collection become the owners of the brand.

Hatchy Token

Owners are rewarded tokens that give them access to a growing ecosystem of games and interactive experiences.

Staking and voting

  • Each $HATCHY token can vote in DAO governance events
  • Each token has a portion of the IP ownership and can vote on the development of the DAO en ecosystem
  • Owners choose which devs and projects are supported
  • Owners choose which artist and assets are created


  • Non-profit usage is free
  • All representative work must adhere to style guide
  • Commercial usage with permission from DAO
  • Dev wallets are manually added and automatically taxed
  • Must apply to use
  • Must own $HATCHY token
  • Must apply from owner wallet
  • Contract void if payment not made or evaded
  • DAO reserves right to revoke usage permissions if it considers any negotiation voided
  • Terms as above or explicitly agreed by DAO vote

Developer Wallets

Commercial products are automatically taxed all $HATCHY from dev wallets are taxed 10%
  • 9% is redistributed to $HATCHY token holders
  • 1% is stored in reserve for general DAO