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What is Hatchy Pocket?

Hatchy pocket is a decentralized Intellectual Property(IP) owned and managed by a Decentralized Autonomous Organization(DAO)

What is the main goal of the Hatchie Pockets?

Our long-term goal and major ambitions are to take on giants of the media industry like pokemon, Digimon, and YuGiOh. We creating a repository of these assets so we plan to use them to make our own games but we're trying to make something that everybody could use.

What is the Hatchie Pocket value proposition?

Hatchy Pocket is the worlds first decentralized IP, and allows for open usage of its copyrighted material subject to simple engagement rules.
This allows our growing ecosystem to generate value at several layers including: 1. NFTs developed to generously reward meaningful engagement and generate interest. 2. Highly qualified users are incentivized to interact with Hatchy IP-related products. 3. Devs are able to tap into a growing resource pool of assets and resources saving time to design, develop and market their products. 4. Devs are incentivized to connect their experiences in meaningful ways.

What is the utility of the Hatchy Pocket NFT's?

Fundamentally the utility is the staking And the utility for the tokens you get back is basically engagement in the ecosystem. Going forward as a private entity using the freedom to create using the brand as a private entity, we'll be releasing a couple games. The first ones that we can see what we believe to be a strong proof of concept. The first one we get is going to be just like a little mini game that just shows you that you can connect and use your hatchie similar to using a toy in a different place and it's a kind of. Potentially a client, so you'll be able to download it on your mobile phone and play a game. It's essentially outside of the tokenomics structure. It is just the game where you can plug in your hatchie and get different features and then the ones that get a little bit deeper. Our game road map will start with a little mini game. After that the browser game and then one day eventually MMO.
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